VAT ANNOUNCEMENT: EU and UK Customers (2021)

VAT ANNOUNCEMENT: EU and UK Customers (2021)
Authored By Leo
July 1 2021

To all of our customers in the EU and UK:

Please be aware that there will be taxes and fees incurred at your customs offices if you checkout at  VAT charges will NOT be shown at checkout on because WILL NOT be collecting nor remitting VAT. This means that VAT will be collected later by your country's applicable tax authority (likely, your customs office).  Depending on your country, additional fees may apply.

As you may have read, there have been some recent changes to how EU countries are handling the collection of VAT for overseas shipments.  In fact, these rules come into effect TODAY, July 1st.  As of today, does not have the ability to collect VAT for customers at checkout.  We wish we could, but we are unable to acquire an IOSS (used to remit EU tax) for various reasons.  For a time, we had turned off our UK checkouts and encouraged customers to go to our Etsy, but based on feedback, we will be now giving you a choice of using either or (each one has its own pros and cons).

Please understand that import taxes, fees, etc are not the responsibility of Kittynaut and we have no control over these, because these are imposed by the package recipient's country and they vary by country.  Please know your country's laws and rules.

By purchasing from, you have read this, understood this, and agree to this.


Alternative Route: Pay Vat Upfront

If paying VAT at customs isn't to your liking, there is a solution (but of course you will still need to pay VAT) -- which is to pay VAT up front at checkout.  While doesn't have the capability, our Etsy DOES!  It lives online at  Note: If you should see anything missing from our Etsy (coupons, items, ANYTHING), please feel free to send us a message on Etsy (sometimes it's tough to manage two platforms and keep them in sync).


VAT charges WILL be shown at checkout on (and by extension, because WILL be calculating, collecting, and remitting the VAT.  Note that, depending again on the country, other fees may still apply.


Shop Kittynaut on Etsy

Additional Etsy notes: items prices at may be slightly higher than on; this is because Etsy charges very high seller fees on each transaction.  We apologize for this in advance. :(

We know that international tax laws aren't exactly what we are here for, but we need to be aware of this, regardless.  I hope this this will provide our overseas kawaii Kittynaut fans a choice in how they shop. :3



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