Ita Bag Care Guide

Ita Bag Care Guide

General Care Instructions:


Do not machine wash or submerge.  Please hand-wash and spot clean only!

A paper towel with alcohol can be used on the window.  Beware not to use acetone or other corrosive cleaners, as this may damage the bag.

Watered down dish detergent solution may be used with a gentle cleaning cloth on exterior surfaces.

Interior - splotches and stains can be removed using a detergent pen and toothbrush for scrubbing.


We recommend storing the bag sitting up on its feet (if applicable) in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and heat.  Don't leave it on your car dashboard, it gets hot there.

The bag can also be stored by hanging it from straps/handles, but please note that this will cause wear on the bag over time, especially when heavily loaded.

Transforming the Bag:

Whether small or large, the cloud ita bag can be worn multiple ways: cross body (or over the shoulder), or as a backpack.


instructions for use :o

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Below are some common issues that may be noted upon receipt of your ita bag -- we all want our bags in tip-top shape, so here's how to make your bag closer to perfect:



My kawaii bag is stimky like fishies!  Oh no!

This odor occurs due to a combo of things. One being dessicant packets (silica gel) that absorb moisture (and stimky smells) before they come to you.  Not to mention, these bags have been places and seen things... like factories and boats and warehouses and trucks and Kittynaut's house (pls don't judge me).

How to Fix Bag BO:

- Open up the bag (all pockets/faces) and place in a well ventilated area (maybe outside where it's sheltered from direct sun/rain). Allow to rest for up to 48 hours

- Place dryer sheets inside pockets

- Odor absorbers like febreeze can help too

Bag is wrinkly or deformed in places

The process of manufacturing, storage, and shipment of bags may have left them in uncomfortable situations leading to creases and wrinkles.

The bags are made of vegan leather (PU).

Reforming/Dewrinkling bags:

- Wrinkles on the vegan leather or clear window can be relaxed by carefully applying heat from a hair dryer.  This may take time, so have patience.  Be careful not to burn the bag or yourself.

- Be careful not to apply too much heat as this can damage the bag.

- NEVER place the bag in the dryer. It will definitely not turn out well for the bag or the dryer due to all of the metal parts.

Bag is dirty in places or has stains

Isopropyl alcohol is great for cleaning off the bag exterior (leather and windows). Rub marks off with a clean lint free cloth or paper towel. Yup!  

NEVER use acetone!

Do not use abbrasive (scratchy) cleaners or sponges on the bag nor the window!  This can lead to tiny scratches in the surface that can make windows look cloudy and colored leather get dull or damaged.

Interior - splotches may be present from manufacturing processes (oil from sewing machines).  To remove these, apply cleaner with a detergent pen (e.g. Tide To go pen) and scrub with a toothbrush.

Hardware is stiff or sticky or squeaky

Silicone lubricant (e.g. WD-40) is a quick and easy way to resolve issues with stiff hardware.

Apply the lubricant at joints and parts that are mated together (the squeaky source).  Remove excess lubricant with a clean cloth.

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