Kittynaut SpaceStation Influencer Club!

Do you love what Kittynaut does and want to spread the word and maybe get some free stuff in the process?  Please consider joining our new:

Kittynaut SpaceStation Influencer Club!

Apply at the link above!

How it Works:

Step 1: We provide you with your own exclusive Coupon code for your followers to use at checkout

Step 2: You promote your code on your various social media platforms in order to earn FREE Kittynaut items!  That's it!  :)


1. Apply to the Influencer Club 

We respectfully screen all applicants and primarily are looking for following:

- High Quality content! (good quality pictures and photos)
- An engaged following (even if it's small -- Small but mighty is better than Big and Bored!)
- Kawaii aesthetic is a bonus!
- An enthusiasm for Kittynaut stuff is also a bonus!
- No private social media accounts

2. Pick items that you love with influencer exclusive discounts!

Once accepted, you will be given a discount for your future orders <3  This is how you get items to show and promote at a discount! You're already saving money before you do any work, win-win! (◕ᴗ◕✿)

3. Promote your Code on Social media -- 10 referral checkouts = $50 in rewards

Every time your referral link or coupon code is used by your fans, it will be tracked!

Individualized referral links and coupon codes make sure that you get credit for every fan you refer! Tracking is done via your dashboard as well as through email.

When your code is used 10 times, you earn $50 in Kittynaut merch (issued as giftcards).

Alternatively, refunds for existing orders can be given - $50 in refunds can be awarded per 10 referrals (it's like getting kawaii merch for free)! Note: orders older than 6mosb are not eligible for refunds sure to payment processor limitations (their policy).

4. GET CROSS FEATURED by us on Instagram!

If you will work with us, we'll work with you too to help you grow.  :)  Any posts featuring Kittynaut items will be shared to our Instagram with 35k fans and counting! Cross promo examples include stories or posts with credit at the forefront!  :3

Note: We do not offer any free items for cross promotion (but refunds are an option)! The reason for this is that we are a very small art business (and unfortunately, predatory fake influencer accounts or scammers still target us for free items).

We are seeking passionate influencers who love our art and want to help us succeed while enjoying many perks under a fair and equitable program that benefits both the artist and the influencer. (*´ω`*)