Kittynaut SpaceStation Influencer Club!

Do you love what Kittynaut does and want to spread the word and maybe get some free stuff in the process?  Please consider joining our new:

Kittynaut SpaceStation Influencer Club!

Apply at the link above!

How it Works:

Step 1: We provide you with your own exclusive Coupon code for your followers to use at checkout

Step 2: You promote your code on your various social media platforms in order to earn FREE Kittynaut items!  That's it!  :)


1. Apply to be in the Club to get your exclusive coupon code

Get on our A-list!  We want to see your instagram and style~  we screen all applicants and primarily are looking for following:

- High Quality content! (good quality pictures and photos)
- An engaged following (even if it's small -- Small but mighty is better than Big and Bored!)
- Kawaii aesthetic is a bonus!
- An enthusiasm for Kittynaut stuff is also a bonus!
- No private social media accounts

2. Pick items that you love with influencer exclusive discounts!

Once accepted, you will be given a discount for your future orders <3  This is how you get items to show and promote at a deep discount! You're already saving money before you do any promotions! (◕ᴗ◕✿)

3. Promote your Code on Social media -- every time your coupon code is used by your fans, it will be tracked!

When your code is used 10 times, you earn $50 in Kittynaut merch (issued as giftcards). 

4. GET CROSS FEATURED by us on Instagram!

If you will work with us, we'll work with you too to help you grow.  :)  Any posts featuring Kittynaut items will be shared to our Instagram with 32k fans and counting! Cross promo examples include stories or posts with credit at the forefront!  :)

Note: We do not offer any free items for cross promotion -- the reason for this is that we want to work with confident influencers and not potential fake influencer accounts.