Where are you based out of?

We are based in Ohio, USA!

Are you going to [insert event or convention here]?

Please take a look at our Conventions Schedule to the bottom of the page!  :)

Who designed all of this stuff?

Unless noted otherwise, all designs are created, owned, and registed copyrights of Kittynaut.  All rights are reserved.

Oh no!  The item I want is sold out! Do you restock?

 It depends on the item! Please feel free to request a restock of an out of stock item.

Do you offer wholesale?

Wholesale pricing starts at an MOQ of 50 pieces of a design.  Please contact us if that meets your criteria. Otherwise, only small discounts can be issued for lower quantities.

How do you grade your pins?

Pins are inherently handmade items, this means that in general they will have minor flaws. We DO NOT sell "Collector's Grade" pins.

 Refer to the pin grading guidelines page.


My package got lost in the mail! What now?!

Sloooow down, we'll get to the bottom of this!

Step 1:  Make sure the tracking notes the package as "delivered". Please make sure that your package is not with a family member, hiding in the bushes, in your driveway, accidentally went to your neighbor's house, at your apartment's main office, etc).

Step 2: If the thorough search in step 1 fails, file a lost package claim (https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm).  Lost and stolen packages are exceedingly rare so make sure you exhaust step 1 before you do this. I recommend starting this process 4 weeks (8 weeks for international) after you received your tracking number email. I will be happy to help with the claim through USPS but I will not be able to refund or replace the item, as it is the fault of USPS. If you made your order during a sale, I will happily give you that discount again should you chose to reorder.

Why am I being charged import duties?  (Outside of USA)

If you live outside the USA, your country may have by law decreed that imports are subject to taxes/duties. 

These are not exclusive to Kittynaut. Buyers solely are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.

Will you under-report the value of a package so I don't have to pay import duties?

No.  It is illegal to do this, so please do not ask this of me or anyone else. Thank you for understanding.

What is the Shipping cost to my country? Why does it cost so much to ship to my country?

Shipping rates are automatically calculated based on the lowest possible rates from the United States Postal Service. 

Do you accept returns or issue refunds?

Returns and exchanges are usually accepted and the specific return process is done on a case by case basis.  Please refer to the Store Policies and/or contact us with any concerns.

Partial refunds are not generally issued.


Please note that ALL PAYMENT CHARGE BACKS OR DISPUTES WILL BE CONSIDERED FRAUDULENT, and therefore, these fraudulent claims will be pursued with local law enforcement.  In addition, you will be permanently banned from purchasing all Kittynaut items.  Do not file disputes.  Instead, request a refund.

I want to commission you for (product design, tattoo art, game artwork, a personal commission, etc).

Please contact us regarding the desired work and intended end use.  We are happy to discuss!

Do you accept social media sponsorships?

No. Please do not ask.

I see someone else selling your designs or items... is that normal?

Other sellers who are not in my distributer's list ARE NOT AUTHORIZED to use my artwork, and I want to know about it.  Please contact me as soon as possible if you see anyone selling my products on Aliexpress, Wish, Amazon, at an in-person event, etc. 

As thanks for reporting any incidents to me, I will give you a small reward-- so always report art theft.  ;)

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