Kittynaut Black Friday!

Authored By Leo

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Black Friday 2019 - Thurs 28 Nov!

We've got 5 days of deals for you that only come once a year-- Black Friday sale, Secret Shop Pin Sale, Free pins, and blind bags!  NO DISCOUNT CODES NECESSARY!

Up to 50% off on Black Friday!  starts THURSDAY NIGHT at 11PM EST.  Subscribe to our mailing list to get an email reminder when it launches.

Secret Shop is Opening to the public!

Finally, the secret shop is opening FOR THE FIRST TIME since it started 1 year and 3 months ago. It will remain open for the weekend of Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  (it's still a good idea to join the pin club, as certain low-stock pins are reserved for Patrons).

Cyber Monday 2019 - Dec 2nd

Blind Bags with a hint!

The fun doesn't stop there though -- we will have limited themed blind bags on Cyber Monday!  There will be limited quantities of each type of bag.  Begins at 6am EST on Monday Dec 2nd!

FREE PIN with apparel purchase!

This weekend only - Get a free mystery pin when you purchase any apparel.  This Includes all shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, leggings, and skirts!  There is no need to add this to your cart -- it will automatically be added into your order packet.

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Happy Holidays everyone!


Leo the Kittynaut Test Pilot

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