Sailor Liberty & Rights Kitty -- Fundraiser Stickers

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This item is at preorder status!  The items need to undergo manufacturing and will take several weeks for completion.  (Ships approx. JUN-AUG 2022). 100% of profits shall be donated to Planned Parenthood and NARAL Prochoice America, which are highly rated organizations who have championed reproductive health for decades.

THIS LISTING IS FOR STICKERS ONLY; for pins, see the link below!

☁ 3.5" Sticker

☁ Vinyl finish
☁ Please note that colors as presented on your device may vary from the actual product; pin colors may slightly change between batches, but generally adhere to a standard range of tolerance for color fidelity.


♥ Print: Click here to add a print

 Sailor Liberty is available here as a pin

♥ Rights Kitty is available here as a pin

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