Katherine + Pumpkin Coord -- Hard Enamel Pin Set -- Dress Up Pin Dolls Collection

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About the Pin:

Katherine is 2.1" tall and has 2 posts.  Includes her signature dress up set: Halloween lolita dress (with Pumpkin vibes. approx 1.25" tall with 2 extended posts) and a pumpkin hat that can be worn multiple ways (approx .6" tall with 1 extended post).

Pantone-spec Hard enamel.

*Backing card design subject to change*

Note regarding grade: Standard grade pins will follow the grading guide (linked below).  Seconds grade pin sets may have defects on as few as 1 or as many as all 3 parts.

About the Collection:

The Dress up dolls pin collection is, as of this writing (Oct 2021), a planned series of cross-compatible dress up doll pins.  Batya and her counterpart Katherine are the first installment of the series and will be forward compatible with upcoming designs.

How to Use:

This pin comes as a set, and is sold only as a complete set (base animal + clothing).

To assemble: align the top pins (hat and dress) over top of the base pin (in this case, Katherine herself).  Press into a backing material where the pin is to be displayed (on a board, on clothes, on an ita bag insert, etc).

Please note: this pin requires a backing material to stay in place and assemble properly.  The pieces are held in place via the posts.  

Pin Grading Info

Clothing Size Charts

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