Etsy Strike: The Journey so far

Etsy Strike: The Journey so far
Authored By Leo

Below is a summary I wrote to talk about the Etsy strike; scroll down to see my statements and sources.


Wall Street Journal:

SEC Reports (about executive's earnings):

Strike Demands:


Etsy Strike: The Journey so far!

(no one is going to read this wall of text below unless they like hearing about feelings.)

From Kittynaut to everyone:
Okay, so I just want to say that I am extremely excited and stoked about what has gone down in the past few days. I am astonished at all of the big news media coverage, #Etsystrike trending on Twitter, and the general discourse around the strike. I thought to myself, "what if no one cares? what if this dies in obscurity?" My fears have been laid to rest on that front.
The rest depends on how Etsy responds and our future of organizing.

To anyone out there reading this who has stayed quiet out of fear or confusion:

Don't be afraid. Together we can push for change that improves lives, and makes us proud for standing up for ourselves. If you can support the cause, now that it looks more viable than ever, PLEASE join if you are able and believe in it!

If you are not striking, please DO NOT undermine (e.g. by having sales on Etsy during the strike) or harass those who are. We are making a BIG SACRIFICE with hopes to BENEFIT US ALL.

It never should be sellers vs sellers. We are ALL in this together. We're talented, smart, and dedicated craftspeople. We on @etsy are 86% women. Some of us are young, some are old. Some use Etsy pay for our cell phone bill, or groceries, maybe all the bills. Maybe rent. Some make Tiktoks and some spend so, so much time on Instagram trying to promote, or are best known in their local craft shows. Some are new, just starting out, some are moms, grandmothers, some are professionals, some went to school for this, some are lovely country gals (1/4 of Etsy sellers are rural). Even if we can't all fight, we should respect each other.

Does anyone think I enjoy the idea of losing sales for a week? This IS my full time gig. This is my passion. Do you think I don't feel nervous taking a controversial stance that not many understand? Of course I don't want to be in this situation, but I am FORCED to fight!

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