The Fight for Reproductive Rights Continues

The Fight for Reproductive Rights Continues
Authored By Leo

To everyone, to all of my friends, I love you all, and I will fight for you.


Last year, I released a series of pins, stickers, and prints for the express purpose of fundraising for pro-choice organizations (e.g. NARAL). I am proud to have donated $1,500 toward this cause that is so important to me.

A year later, I thought I would take time to document my thoughts and share what I am seeing.  Now that Roe is gone, there have been a number of new laws passed specifically to criminalize and remove access to abortion.


Right now, we are getting a master class on why Roe V Wade was important for safety purposes:

We are seeing children (VICTIMS) being forced to give birth, because there is no exceptions for them by law.  We are seeing adult VICTIMS forced to give birth, for the same reason. 

We are seeing women nearly dying of sepsis due to pregnancy complications, because there are no exceptions until complications become "life threatening" as per the law. 

We are seeing nonviable pregnancies being forced to be carried to term, with all of the heartache, horrific gore, and pain that entails, because of the law. 

We are seeing doctors being afraid of providing care for their patients, because of the law.  There are laws in place to incentivize narking on doctors or patients who defy these overreaching laws.

There are even bills being considered to give the death penalty to people who have abortions.  Sponsored by 25+ representatives.  Not just one extremist. 

All of this and it hasn't even been a year.  And, we will see more horrors.  There will be deaths and trauma.

Do you believe in freedom? The freedom to control your own body? 

The freedom to trust medical experts about your health and make decisions under their counsel?

The freedom to practice your own religion, and likewise, the freedom to not be forced to practice a religion you don't subscribe to? 

The freedom for your personal decisions to be private and away from the prying eyes of the state?

Then, don't be silent.  Fight back against these inhumane laws.

Whether you have a uterus or not, this is an attack on all. 

- Kittynaut

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