Kittynaut and Third Party Platforms

Kittynaut and Third Party Platforms
Authored By Leo

Social Media Changes

TL;DR -- we're reducing our social media use; we will keep our handles but primarily will be posting to Instagram.  Kickstarter and Etsy will no longer be linked on our carrd.  Our Patreon is on hold.

We've been on a pretty lengthy hiatus for a much needed rest and reset.  During that time, Kittynaut as a studio had been cutting back on social media use.  We've made a decision to cease using certain platforms altogether (such as Tiktok -- nothing personal, it's simply too hard to keep up with so many profiles). 

As circumstances change, we may return to posting on various platforms, or abandon all of them altogether.  But -- as of now, Instagram will be our primary platform.

Platform Presence Changes

At this time, due to multiple developments spanning years, and on topics such as worker's rights, business practices, strikes, union busting, ethics (or lack thereof), and controversies with new technology (such as generative AI), Kittynaut will no longer be working with the following platforms:

- Etsy

- Kickstarter

In addition, Kittynaut will be pulling back on our website integration with certain social media platforms.  From the artist's perspective, the amount of data harvesting and algorithmic execution, generally in recent years, is not a good fit with our way of doing things.

Regarding Generative AI: Kittynaut does not support generative AI in its current form due to the lack of: scientific rigor, ethical rigor, regulatory oversight, and respect for human labor and rights.  We will not utilize generative AI for any media whatsoever and do not consent to our work being utilized for any generative AI purposes (nor any other commercial use for that matter).

Note from the artist: These choices are largely driven by the artist's personal ethics, and no one is obligated to follow in our footsteps or do what we do.  We respect our peers in the artist community :)

Pin Club

As of today, there is not yet a set date to re-initiate the Kittynaut pin club that lives at  Updates regarding this shall be posted to our Patreon.

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