Re-opening for 2023, Updates, Pricing

Re-opening for 2023, Updates, Pricing
Authored By Leo

Reopening will reopen for business at 12am eastern time on 23 June 2023 (early Friday morning).  

A coupon code will be available: for 10% off, use the code ORCAATTACK at checkout.  

Additionally, freebies were announced on our social media -- they will be available as our supplies last.

New Stuff

For the first time, Kittynaut's Cloud Ita bag and accessories, as well as the coordinating Cloudy animals pin series will be made available.

Extra inserts and ita keychains will be made available for purchase.

Additionally, a new metallic edition of our Pawfee Tumblers will be available upon our opening. 

Pricing Updates

Since around the year 2020, all costs associated with running have increased -- from running our website, to production costs, to shipping costs, and all of the other miscellany in between.  This is matching global trends of inflation and increased pricing across multiple industries.  Due to these increases, we have increased some of our product's pricing for the first time since we opened in 2016.

That's all I have for now!  There will likely be another update after this one on other topics. :3


The 'Naut (aka Leo, who is such a cool kid that they refer to themselves as something as 90s as "The Naut")

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