Helper Monkey: Girl's Day Animal Enamel Pins

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❤ Pantone-spec hard Hard Enamel
❤ Approx 1.7 inches plus or minus 0.2 inches (exact height varies slightly by design), pins are scaled to be consistent with each other for an attractive collection
❤ Choose from Classic (darker, brighter colors) or Pastel (lighter colors)
❤ All Pin Orders Include:
- protective sleeve
- super cute pink star custom clutches,
- backing card
- collector's card


Standard Grade: This is the highest possible quality of pin offered. Standard-grade pins may still be susceptible to very minor imperfections that are only visible upon extremely close-up inspection and/or when the light hits the pin at a specific angle. By purchasing from this listing, you have read this and understand that these minor imperfections are acceptable and will NOT be grounds for a return, refund, partial refund, nor replacement.

Examples of potential Standard Grade imperfections: As a general rule, if the lay person would hardly notice an imperfection, it's standard grade.
-Minor surface scuffs on metal/enamel
-Small ripples/pores or bubbles in enamel that may be exacerbated by viewing angle
-Slightly lower fills in minor areas
-Tiny specks in enamel <1mm
-Slight rippling or variance in surface texture
-Imperfections in tone, texture, or finish in either the enamel OR metal only visible at specific light angle(s).

Seconds Grade: These are the pieces that have more noticable defects. As a general rule, if a defect visible very easily at a distance, it is seconds grade.

Examples of potential Seconds Grade imperfections:
- Major surface scuffs on metal/enamel
- Poor coloration or mismatching colors of enamel
- Noticable ripples/pores or bubbles in enamel
- Dust, markings, debris in enamel
- Apparent mechanical damage
- Lower fills in certain areas
-Specks in enamel >1mm
-Rippling or variance in surface texture
-Imperfections in tone, texture, or finish in either the enamel OR metal

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